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bmgeneral, post: 135780 wrote:
yes, i agree there are many dodgy cheap suppliers in Asia, so if you are going to do it right you want the approved MLB gear or authentic gear and thats how you would promote the website and the apparrel!

I know lots of people that love US sports and the team apparrel, most of the team hoodies, etc you cant even buy in australia, need to buy overseas and again costing to buy 1 or 2 team apparel is too expensive with shipping, etc. HAving an online store here in Australia that specialies in this, i think would work.

I just need some help to point me in the right direction, or if there is anyone on here that could help me in regards to approaching suppliers in the USA and trying to get onboard to be the sole distributor here in Australia of authentic team sports apparrel.

Have you thought of contacting the company brands (such as Adidas) and asking who the distributor is for Australia or how you can go about importing them to Australia?