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Shane Walker
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Hi MatthewKeath! It’s Shane Walker here.

In regards to your comment, I don’t agree that the SEO industry has to make some major changes. The majority of us that are reputable SEO companies have had no problems.

None of my clients have been affected by any of the Panda, Penguin, and EMD updates. The reason is because we follow correct SEO procedures and practices.

The reason the majority of people have been affected by these updates is because they have been paying very little for Indian and other third world spam companies to pollute the internet with cheap links and etc…

This is very much like buying a $300 car. It will run for a little while but it is more than likely going to break down a little bit further down the track and you will end up with nothing.

I don’t believe that SEO is expensive. You must look at it as a return of investment and not as a cost per package. With all of my clients, I sit down and discuss with them not only what their goals are but the products they are selling and the amount they make per sale. So therefore, if am giving them an x amount of leads per month, they will be able to come out well ahead on the price that they are paying me to get them those leads.

At the end of the day, it depends on your cost per sale. As one of my clients said to me, “if you are charging me a dollar per sale and I am making $30 per sale, I don’t care what you charge me for SEO. You can charge me 10 million dollars if you want because I know I am going to make far more than that”.

That is the way you’ve got to look at any sort of marketing. Not as the cost but what you are going to get in return. Good SEO has never been cheap but I don’t believe it is expensive because of the return that it gets the client.

Kindest regards,