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Brooke Curline
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GSanders12, post: 136907 wrote:
Hey, I have quite a few people who are willing to buy certain sports equipment. Where could I find the cheap but reputable (products that are legitimate and not fake/broken down) products that my buyers would like to purchase.

Do I go on places like eBay and look for the cheapest prices available?
Or manufacturers (but isn’t that too expensive and the reason why these people don’t go to them and come to people like me?)

I need some ideas on how to find cheaper sports equipment that won’t disappoint my customers :)

Thank you and can’t wait to learn this industry !

I am a sourcing agent and have lots of contacts – branded or unbranded- what sort of products are you looking for – I may be able to help you. You can also try Globalresources.com – just be aware that you need to sort out the good from the bad suppliers (same goes for most of the Chinese suppliers).