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Paul B., post: 137013 wrote:
Hi Steve,

Any recommendations on hosting and templates? I would require a developer to customise the website for me so it would always be a question of $ instead of time.


Hi Paul,

Sorry for the late reply.
If your still interested in exploring this route I’ve made a quick step guide for you.

pick up a hosting package from one of the forum members here – start dialling and ask if they have cpanel with fantastico easy installers. Let them know you want magneto with 1 database.

From another post I gathered that Magneto is a reasonably popular ecommerce software to use, fantastico includes Magneto easy installer. Verify that with your host.

Duck into template monster and do a search on magneto templates

Install it yourself or get template monster staff to install it for you.

Up to this point you should be up to about $250

Make a comprehensive list of modifications you want done and start contacting web guys to get quotes on doing the work. Depending on the level of mods you want done will determine how much that will cost you.

If you dont go overboard on the mods I think for less than $1k you could have a store.