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I would be thinking about positioning yourself and who your target market is. Look at the type of work you are wanting to do to help determine your pricing.

Are you going to look for businesses that need a lot of little jobs regularly or are you going to go for larger one off conceptual stuff? Or a mix of the two.

Also, how are you going to get your business is going to? What is your point of difference and why would people use you? Is that going to be reflected in your price? I would happily pay for 20 years experience……as long as you had fresh idea’s and were up to speed on latest design trends.

Also I think showing people how 20 years of experience is going to save them money in the long run. If I know the job is going to get done quickly and your experience is going to be more cost effective @$100 for 2.5 hours, rather than paying someone $80 an hour but it taking 5 hours. I am there in a minute.

FYI i would feel more comfortable paying closer to $100 than $50 for graphic design.