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tonyk, post: 137465 wrote:
I am not a copywriter but $2,000 seems to be a bit extreme.

Depends on what they do? Do they come on site, do they do market research, etc…

If they just sit down and write out 6 pages of stuff from a swipe file, yeah it’s probably a bit extreme….I’d doubt in this instance that that is what is being quoted for…

A copywriter worth paying for will provide an ROI….the OP has to ask, am I going to get an ROI greater than $2000 by paying for top notch copy?

From a small lawn care business….no matter how good the writer dude is….that’s a lot of lawns…particularly when there is more expense in getting people to read the copywriting…

How much does it cost you to get someone to read your website? How many visitors? Then you will know weather it’s worth paying for…until then you are just guessing…hence I would suggest you keep your money in the bank until you can figure those costs out. THEN pay for the copywriter…