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Indy C, post: 268321, member: 116858 wrote:
I run a sign business and we produce vehicle graphics for other businesses every day.

And yes they are an excellent way to market your business. It works! We have a lot of conversations with business owners about how car wraps have given their brand a real boost.

But there is always the big question of how much do car wraps cost? And where do I find this information out? (and how do I find this out without having to contact sign company and have a conversation when all I really want is to know how much do they cost?).

So with this in mind, we have developed an instant price guide calculator for vehicle graphics. You can find it on our website.

It’s completely free to use, easy to use, and its instant. And it’s designed to make business owners’ life a little bit easier when they need graphics on their vehicle.

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