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Like others have said, I would expect to pay on the spot for these ‘call out’ services.

You said:

Last week I had a customer tell me, they had to set me up as a supplier, which would take weeks, before I can get paid. It takes me 5 minutes.
Now a month, and still waiting. Have asked for payment 3 times now.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have gone out for the job! I would have said “that’s fine, let me know what you need to set me up as a supplier. Once that’s done we’ll be happy to turn up as quickly as possible when needed”.

I like Steve’s idea, of having the form that captures card details and clearly states payment will be processed in 2 weeks if not paid sooner.

I would probably pay a deposit to secure the call out, yes. As noted, I’m used to paying in full for these sorts of services so a deposit would be nothing.