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gregdonhardt, post: 138391 wrote:

I’m just curious as to whether anyone who freelances or has gone solo has ever had their marriage / family end. I’ve been a freelancing soloist fulltime for about 12 months now, and I’m sad to say that I think it has caused my marriage to die. I have 4 young children, that I have rarely seen of late, and then when I have been home, all I’ve wanted to do is wind down and chill out on my own, much to my wife’s disgust. I’ve been working hard, long hours and It’s relatively taxing and tiring. This has left me neglecting my family somewhat. My wife has suggested that we separate, even if only for a few weeks, to try an revive the relationship. Sure we can try and revive the relationship, but is it the soloism that is the key here and will it just all happen again.


If you want to be in this relationship you will act accordingly. Simple as that.

Wanting to “chill out on my own” is just a different way of saying; you don’t want to spend time with you wife and children.

Is your work really taxing you to the point where you don’t want to spend time with you wife and children? Say that sentence out loud and see hear how it sounds.

It’s hardest to face the people you love the most when you don’t feel like you are “winning” at life. Perhaps sharing your stressful soloist experience with your partner more will strengthen your relationship.

I hope you are able to sort out your issues. Best of luck.