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Hi Steve,

Q1. Would it be considdred a parallel “import” if purchasing from a distributor in the US or UK then downloading from them? bypassing the manufacturers inflated AU price?

Are you actually importing? Are there authorised distributors of the same software specifically for Australia? If yes, then this could be viewed as parallel importing. This simply means that a person who doesn’t have express permission from the original owner is importing genuine/legitimate goods parallel to those that have express permission.

As noted on the other thread the act of Parallel Importing itself is not necessarily illegal. Other issues stem from this act that could find you in hot water depending on the product and particulars of each case.

If you, as the end user of the software, purchase a once off product/license for personal use from a US site rather than AU, then it would be unlikely any trouble will come from it… Generally speaking, importing would usually (in this sense) be assumed as the bringing in of product for sale.