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Hmm, interesting…

My take on the video is that Klout is about measuring people’s influence overall and on particular topics. That seems roughly analogous to Google trying to measure a webpage’s authority overall and on particular topics. So couldn’t Google swap out website links for social media links?

As to whether social links add anything to the content… not sure I really understand what you’re saying there. I don’t think Google uses links as a ranking signal because they add value to information but rather because they indicate that a particular page of information is valuable in its own right.

I would argue that website links can’t really help with ‘fact’ either so that’s not really a disadvantage of social media.

I think that a social media link/share would usually have less context than a link from a webpage so that could be a negative.

Perhaps a good way to frame it would be the difference between a scientist tweeting about some new research or writing about it on his/her blog with a link.

Does Google have a reason to put more weight on the link coming from the blog post than the one coming from the tweet?