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HBTRADE, post: 139494 wrote:
If one was importing electrical goods, do they need to be approved / tested by any gov’t agency or similar first?

Product approvals are a complex area; here is some initial sites to become familar with requirements (this is the Energy Safe Victoria website – the regulator in Victoria, other states will have their own regulatory bodies)


From this site;
“All electrical appliances and equipment must be approved prior to being made available for public use..”
“It is illegal to sell unapproved electrical products. Outlets selling them may be fined $5,000 for individuals and $24,000 for companies.”

Having said this – it is not all black and white, as equipment is classified as either ‘proscribed’ or ‘non-proscribed’. Further info here;


Details relating to your obligations for the various categories can be reviewed here;


Paraphrasing from the above – if the products fall under the ‘proscribed’ categories you must obtain product approval prior to offer to supply the goods in Australia.
Approval from either ESV, another state regulatory Authority or the New Zealand energy service is required.

If however, the item falls under the ‘non-proscribed’ category then it is possible to offer the product for sale, however you as the supplier have the responsibility of ensuring the product or equipment meets all relevant minimum safety standards…
One way to ensure this minimum standard is complied with is to submit the product on a voluntary basis for issue of a certificate of electrical safety.

As an electrician, I would always encourage anyone comtemplating entering this space to make contact with their state electrical authority prior to commencing down a path.
The electrical regulators can be your greatest ally with early communication and can assist you through the processes and assist you with the options – ensuring the product is suitable and safe, and providing a level of comfort for you so you can sleep easily at night.
On the other hand they can be equally harsh on those that choose to proceed on their own whim with disregard to their obligations.

Hope this helps and best of luck with your venture.