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Warren Cottis
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Hi Khalid

I might chime in again on the back of Scroogie’s comments about core strengths…

If you are an airline pilot you need to understand the whole concept of the aeroplane and most importantly… how to keep it on course.

I said concept… I did not say the detail… like the nitty gritty of tuning the engines or filling the fuel tanks

The pilot knows what his strengths are and does not bother with those other areas because there are systems in place.

As small businesses we cannot see that we have that luxury usually… but that is our undoing. We must play to our strengths every single day if we are to zoom along in business.

There’s a point in every industry where you’ve put in the hard yards and you have an understanding of how it hangs together.

In a lot of ways that is your strength if you focus on it and build on it… because many businesses do not see the big picture.

In the internet world, change and information is seen as the big monster but it doesn’t have to be.

Products and services were sold just fine before the internet and most of what we are hearing today is just regurgitation of old principles window dressed with a degree of hype.

I saw Jay Abrahams almost 30 years ago (sorry Jay, sorry me) in Sydney.

When I said that if SMEs implemented just 5% of marketing material they would be streets ahead of their competition… I’d go a step further and say that implementing just 5% of Jay’s stuff would have you dominating your competitors.

Many of the new gurus are regurgitating Jay’s material with a twist… my God.. if I hear the three ways to grow your business one more time from a new guru I am going to die… but it is still very sound advice

I saw all of the courses you have completed Khalid and I was overwhelmed by the list… I had looked at all of them myself so I do know them… but I couldn’t justify the time commitment to a large chunk of that list when I related it to my pilot analogy of playing to my strenghths

I would easily spend 10 hours a week on learning… I don’t take calls in my car… I learn… so audio (sped up) is a big thing for me… and I encourage everyone trying to build a business to do the same because your competitors are lazy and just don’t do that.

I admire your knowledge Khalid and enjoy your posts but… some people have taken pot shots at you for what appears to be your academic devotion which I also understand.

You have created a presence and a following here but you still maintain a certain mystique about your work…

The danger in that is there are ‘business startups’ coming into this forum all the time and so we need to keep threads balanced to the reality of surviving in business.

No offence… love you stuff