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Hi TwinkleOZ

I have had the experiences you are seeking advice on, I have worked with my family and opened up business by myself.

Working with family is a very challenging endeavor, family relationship and work relationships differ vastly in nature, and unless all involved are open minded, able to resolve conflicts in a rational manner, and have clear obligations and responsibilities, it can lead to very unhappy results. On the other hand the strength of a united family working in harmony is a great asset in a family enterprise.

Your family has a food business background, and this can help you either by partnering with them or preferably (in my opinion) using them as mentors in your new enterprise.

Jayne mentions in her reply post about the options available in Melbourne and in Sydney for start up food businesses to rent a commercial kitchen on an hourly basis, without committing to any lengthy leases or expensive investment initially.

These kitchens are ideal for the period it takes to set up your own kitchen where you can legally produce food for commercial purposes. There you can try your recipes, plan your production and get hands on experience, in a very economical way.

I totally identify with your desire to be your own boss, an independent entrepreneur, I have made this decision 30 years ago, I have been to hell and back and I have no regrets, I am very happy I took the plunge.

If you are in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to call me for further information.

Good luck