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In terms of who I have found to be good insurance companies to deal with(from and admin perspective at time of application and importantly claim) include Macquarie, Zurich nd Asteron. Of course over time this can change.

There is not one answer for who is the best to use as t depends upon your individual situations such as employment status, income history, medical history etc.

If you are leaving the corporate world and continuing a policy then obviously you will need to stay with that company.

A note of caution, some insurance products, particularly ones that promote direct to the consumer as cheap and pay no broker commissions, have terms which may not suit some people – such as no underwriting at the time of application but make yu go through this at the time of claim – which is not ideal as they can knock back your claim. Not a good policy in my view as when you take out the insurance you want to know exactly where you will stand if you have to claim. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Hope this helps.