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Hi Yen,
I have been both landlord and tenant. As a tenant I found it hard to rent, and ended up having to rent an older property, that incidentally had lots of other wildlife, we lasted 9 months. A lot of properties were new builds and not keen for pet owners, especially dogs.
As a landlord, we did not advertise that pets were welcome, but nearly every applicant had pets (lots of families). In the end we included a separate pet clause in the tenancy agreement. Our first tenants were great with their dogs (carpet was dry cleaned regularly upstairs), but with our second tenants, the dog dug holes and chewed through electric wiring for our automated irrigation system which our agents did not spot. They weren’t very good tenants anyway, as we had other problems too, and I discovered the wiring after they moved out. In hindsight, I think I should have done inspections with my rental agent.
I think your idea is a great one. Australians love their pets.