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This discussion has probably run its course now (I came here a little too late by the looks of it) but from what I have read and please correct me if I have missed something here but, it seems to me that everyone is under the impression that companies who send out those types of emails are seo scammers. I do not believe that to be the case always. They just could be ignorant to the facts, don’t keep up with the latest changes or are just used to doing what they have always done and think it still works today because they have been able to rank some obscure keyword on the 1st page. In most cases off course, they probably are scammers but not all.

I get emails like that 2-3 times a day and some of them I respond to just to check their knowledge. Some of them you will find are companies who use freelancers from sites such as freelancer.com. Just as an experiment last year, I tried out a few of these freelancers and it was always the same story..’we will do forum posting, blog commenting, article marketing, search engine submission’ etc. etc. etc. These guys are not rip off merchants, just a little ignorant I think.

I think too a little balance is in order here and its up to the website owner to be a little educated in what works and doesn’t work with SEO and more to the point, know what SEO really is.