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Hi Jaycar,
I posted this because like you, I receive many emails offering SEO services every day. (I’ve never had one from freelancer.com.)

My intent was to help business owners make more informed decisions about these services. With the info overload, I’m also trying to offer “quick cull” decision points.

You are right that not all direct email SEO offers are “scammers”. However, if you want a “quick cull” parameter, deleting all the offers with Gmail and Hotmail addresses is a good way to start, IMHO.

The next ones I would cull are those who offer a FREE SE audit if your site.

I occasionally throw a website at these types of offers and in 19 years I’ve never seen one single audit that is anything but irrelevant, useless and erroneous!

Ballance is certainly where I come from. The point of my post was education for site owners. A huge problem for them however, is the question of what is accurate SEO information?

I don’t usually see accurate SEO info in these types of emails.