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John Debrincat, post: 144919 wrote:
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Back to the original thread and for the record the PayPal price is different in the USA because that is how PayPal has priced it to be competitive. Their decision and you don’t have to use their services if you don’t want to.


It is true, but I hate this type of reasoning: “if you don’t like it don’t do it.” Mainly because it isn’t one company with outrageous prices, the price hike for being in Australia compared to the US is across the board in just about every industry.

I’m from the US originally and banking was a huge shock. For a standard savings account, I must pay the bank a monthly fee so that I can “save”….seems like an oxymoron. Shipping is outrageous here too compared to the US (the lower 48 is relatively the same dimensions as AUS). Anything at JB-hifi or Dick Smiths is much cheaper in the US for the exact same thing. Heck, manual labourers get paid 2 or 3 times more here than in the US….so we can chalk it up to the cost of living. (different conversation entirely…)

So instead of the Love it or leave it explanation, why not offer up something more useful: Yes, Comany A is priced higher here in AUS, but Company B is doing it for $X. Why not give them a try? Seems more helpful :)

Paymate seems to offer something similar to paypal: