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MatthewKeath, post: 142324 wrote:

I was looking a Pay Pal Payflow Pro service, and I first landed on the US site when looking.

The US price was $99 set up + $25 per month.

When I went to apply, the price changed to $500 setup + $136.32 per month for Australia

Surely I did something wrong?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Matt

You are looking at two different products. he PayPal Pro product is different to the Payflow Pro product offered here in Australia.

Payflow Pro offered in Australia is a credit card processing service, similar to eWay, were you also need an internet merchant account with your bank.

PayPal Pro in the US is were PayPal process all transactions, similar to the standard PayPal service.

You will find for basic PayPal transactions Austarlia is cheaper than the US.