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Brooke Curline
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4leafclovergifts, post: 142373 wrote:
Hi. About a month ago I started an online business (through facebook) and have poured over a grand into advertising. There is alot of interest. Many friends have said how wonderful the products are and at such a great price. I have walked 57km’s delivering pamphlets, seen people carrying them at the supermarket. Lots of activity and likes on my facebook page. Even had a 20% off sale for a week. Problem….I have only sold one gift pack to a friend and that is all. I am beginning to wonder if the Four Leaf Clover is lucky at all…So I am wondering, does anyone know where I can go from here? Christmas will not be happening for my family this year if things dont pick up :-(.

I have just seen your post and although it is from last year, I am wondering how you are doing. I was very saddened to read how disheartened you were after a month – I’m sure it felt like a year, although it really is a very short time. I have had a look at your facebook page and your products look good. Have you contacted a website called “My Family Deals” – they are quite new and are always looking for products particularly for mums and kids – they are also starting out, although they could give you some very good exposure as their database is increasing all the time and I know they were on “Today Tonight” at one stage. Contact [email protected] and I know she will be very keen to talk to you. Please let me know how you go.
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