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Congratulations with opening your new online store! (although it has been two months now ;)). hopefully christmas was a good period for you. In e-commerce this usually is the peak season.

Sorry for this long post :)

To get more sales from online channels, I would go for the following strategy:
PPC (short and long term)
Start by getting your first real traffic through Google Adwords. When you start an account, make sure you use a voucher (can be found for free all over the internet). You get $75 for free when you spend $25. Money you can use well when just starting out. The beautiful thing is that you can start with PPC instantly, it is very flexible and you can also determine your budget.

The key is NOT to put as many keywords as possible into Adwords or you are going to be broke in a day. You are a beginning entrepreneur and you need to be careful where you spend your money. For every dollar you spend, you want to get a good ROI.

How can you do that:
* Implement conversion tracking! You don’t want to spend $100 on Adwords, getting sales, but not knowing where it actually comes from. You want to know exactly which keyword and which ad text leads to which sale. also implement Google Analytics and if possible also the e-commerce tracking of analytics. Now you know of all your online sources what leads to revenue.

* Start with one campaign. In each campaign you make an adgroup for every product you sell. Put the laser-focussed related keywords in that adgroup. when people type in that keyword in Google, they have to mean the product you are selling. If the keyword is ambigious, don’t add it for now!

* Make sure you make good use of the match types (broad, phrase, exact)

* Start with a tight campaign budget. Increasing it when you start to see profit.

* Always test with two ad copies. find out which one works best.

* Try to get a decent CTR. Below 1% is bad. If you keep having a low CTR, Google will punish you with a low Quality Score. If that happens you will have to pay more to be visible in the same spot in Google.

* Getting your first sales now? Great! Try to make ad groups that are a little broader. Like Category + brand (sennheiser headphones)

SEO (long term)
Start optimising your website from the start. SEO is NOT going to expand your business in the start. You want cashflow and SEO is not going to bring you that. Nevertheless is it something that you want to start with starting at day 1. Because it is durable for the future and the clicks are free (in the end).

Make sure you use the following guidelines
* No technical obstacles. This is pretty hard to explain when you don’t have a tech background.
* Do keyword research. Having a PPC campaign is great. You can see which products (and keywords) make you money. Start optimizing for that.
* Optimize your content. Your content is far from optimal. At the product pages, make sure the productname is at the front of the title tag:
[HTML]Sennheiser HD 203 Closed Headphones …[/HTML]
Try not to make it longer than 70 characters.
* Start doing linkbuilding. You want to get links from good related sites. You have to be creative to get good links. Always try to provide value. That way you can get links. Don’t hire shady SEO companies that put you on the same page as links to casino’s, S*x or dr*gs.

Start capturing e-mail addresses (long term)
Start getting those e-mail addresses of people. Visitors are much more likely to give their e-mail address than buying something. That’s why it is called a “soft lead”. When you got their e-mail address you can send them different offers and you start making money. The ROI on e-mail marketing is high. It takes a while to build a list though.

Forget about Sales through social media
Social media is great. But usually not for beginners and not to get a good ROI. You can get a positive ROI out of it, but it us much harder. and it is way easier if you become a brand that is more famous. It is no problem to start with it already, but don’t think it is your main source of income.

Remember, bringing highly targeted traffic to a website doesn’t mean you actually make money. It is very important that your marketing mix is in place. If your products are twice the price of a competitor you are not going to sell much. If you don’t show you are trustworthy, people don’t buy either.

I saw you are selling audio and home entertainment. I have been running million dollar campaigns in a similar niche in another country. Using this strategy works if your website is good and the rest of the marketing mix is in place . I saw those long tail keywords bring in 50% of the revenue. So it’s a pretty good way to explore the market and getting the cash flow starting.