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Muges, post: 142469 wrote:
Does anyone have any ideas on how to possibly get more traffic through my online store?
Hi Muges,
You are spinning your wheels until you install Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools on your site.

Without them you will not know what the problems and results are and this applies to both online advertising and SEO activities.

Problem 1. At present you are telling Google that your site is about “brand name electronics”. Less than 10 people per month are searching for this information.

Problem 2. Your Home page is about nothing.

This is how G “reads” your Home page. It looks like a shopping list. G does not rate pages of unrelated products highly because it is looking for search topic specific information. You need to focus on something and stick with it. At the moment your Home page focus changes every time you change your New Products.

After you install the G programs can I suggest you get some SEO advice? You need more than is possible in a forum like this.