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Phillip P
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I have developed strategies for a few trading, real estate courses and other such products over the years. Strategies that have cleared over 10m a year.

I have quickly gone over what everyone else is saying and some are right some are based on personal opinions which dont mean sh!t in the online world.

Your offering a way out to people. To do this, is freedom. Almost the silver bullet typical mumbo jumbo bullsh!t but the truth is heaps of people out there that will buy or try cause many are looking for the EASY way instead of the experience way. Many people are looking for the express lane instead of the years of work lane and this is where you come in.

First of all your sales page shouldnt be the first thing people see. it should be some form of website/blog telling people who you are, why they should listen to you, why your doing this for them. How you have made your money (Or havent but they dont need to know that your promoting).

Build a free 7 day ecourse so you can get people in your email list. Have a free training constatly and build rapport. Keep sending people great content and proof content. Like testimonials picturesof cheques from others and tell them OTHER peoples stories. People love stories.

Then make them an offer they cant refuse and send them to your sales page. Your sales page needs a video a massive buy button underneith then the rest of the long copy at the bottom.

Dont bother with adwords your looking at $15 clicks and your not allowed to promote sales pages and get rich quick schemes.

What you should bother with is get an affiliate program happening and try recruite affiliates and offer them 30% for the trouble.

Unless this is an affiliate program already… offer then less :)

Remember to have fun making money.