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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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With all due respect to others but no one can really and truly help without diagnosing your personal and business aspirations.

There are some good tactics (not strategies) shared by other members and if you follow them and fail, don’t blame them or their ideas.

There is alot of focus on media ie adwords, websites, ebooks, linkedin, etc and not enough emphasis on the market you are catering to or the message they will resonate with.

for example, a young guy who just watched wall street 1 and 2, wants to be the next “gordon gecko” or “jordan belfort” has a completely different motivation to a redundant former corporate executive who is exploring franchise vs trading.

I’ve met housewives who trade futures and forex options and they have a completely different motivation to the above two.

Addressing them with the same message is only going to increase cost per lead and reduce sales. might as well go on the street and use a microphone.

If you are paying $15 per click for adword, you’re not segmenting your list by nice or subculture and ofcourse, your roi is terrible. now, there are those who pay more than $15 per click and happy to because they have great up, down and cross sells, referral systems to maximise customer lifetime value.

You will get tips, but that’s all they are. you need to study marketing or hire someone who can help you generate measurable returns on every dollar you put in.

Business is not about giving it a “go”. That’s like driving a car on a highway with no speed limits without having learned how to drive. It’s called suicide and that’s why so many business owners give up or are frustrated with their sales.

Be smart, invest in your education particularly on lead generation and conversion.

Don’t be like the majority who crash and then blame the car or the road when they haven’t even studied for their “L” plate.