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I think a lot of the best marketing ideas come from examining those who are having success in similar markets.

Product Launch Formula is an information product like yours. You can view the site at: http://www.productlaunchformula.com/

Now I’m not suggesting you buy this as the product itself simply details the processes which entice you to buy it in the first place. The good thing about that for us is you can learn most of it just by going through the sales funnel.

You certainly shouldn’t consider this a model to copy exactly, but this is someone that has done the research over the years about squeezing every dollar out of his target market.

Notice the video on the homepage before any hint of sales, then notice the language he uses in the video. The email capture placement and everything else on here is optimized.

Information products are successful because of their get-rich-quick promise. People are realising this but they still buy from those who provide perceived value, which in a way crosses over with content marketing.

To provide an action plan from all the comments in this thread and my own thoughts, you probably want to start thinking about the following:

  • Observe competitors in your field, and broader informational products.
  • Break your target market into buyer personas so you can better target the product. If you use PPC, make custom landing pages for each.
  • Go for a slightly more stylised sales letter website, but definitely don’t go to a standard web designer. Go to a landing page specialist who is familiar with the whole lot. There are probably 100 things you need to do right for a high converting landing page / sales funnel.
  • Engage a copywriter or do some heavy research into copywriting. Your areas of text are too long, not broken up appropriately and don’t cater to impulse buyers. Buyers believe stories so embellish a tale of how you got to where you are.
  • SEO is going to be tough in this field so think about long-tail keywords first (‘make money trading stocks in australia’).
  • SEO is going to be impossible without a blog to put content through. Build a blog on the domain and tie this in with a broader content marketing strategy – eBooks, audio, video, FREE.
  • Get email addresses at all costs, popups, popovers, popdowns, whatever you have to do. You’re selling to emotion and impulse, you are going to change their life. If you don’t get them on the day, nurture them through auto-responders.
  • Look at starting an affiliate program. e-Junkie is an easy option but there are plenty out there. I think Share-a-sale is also reasonably easy to setup.
  • Just a tip: notice how a lot of the products have ‘formula’ or ‘system’ in the name. This gives the illusion of something that is a step by step process, making it sound easier. Consider throwing a word like that into the product name.
  • Build your expert status. Make Dave Limburg better known online. Guest posting, answering questions (Linkedin, Yahoo, Quora), audio and video interviews or lessons. There are a couple of positive Google results but there needs to be pages.