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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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The “who” commands price and is therefore more important than the “what” (product / service).

It’s why smarter psychologists don’t make the kind of money Dr. Phil does/did because he understood the power of “who” over “what”(skill in psychology)


In terms of the website (back to topic), which is really a salespage, it’s testable even though it’s cheesy. Sure, Google won’t like it and alot of “professional ” and “sophisticated” folks will publicly reject it.

But the website design and layout or any marketing for that matter should not be decided by feedback from non buyers like myself and others.

The only people who have a right to vote or offer meaningful feedback are those who are looking to buy trading systems and most of them hang out on other forums.

There are ways to generate traffic without SEO and Adwords. I congratulate the OP for at least getting a sales page up. Not as good as it can be but i have only come across a handful of website “experts” who have a website that has a systematic lead generation component.

They seem to sacrifice sales for design but cest la vie.

Invest in your education and tweak as you go.

Phillip P, post: 148070 wrote:
The most important is to build your reputation in the industry.