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Hi All

Interesting post.. although i am really unwilling to answer the questions, i would happily provide some ‘input’.. valid or not please make your own assessments..

Re online payments, no matter how you look at merchant services you get hit with fees… and with the FSRA (financial services regulations..) the banks are forced to be extremely transparent which means you end up seeing fees upon fees upon fees, individualised so you know where they are coming from etc etc..

In saying this…lets make an assumption that bank charges 1.25% + trans fee of $0.50 and paypal offers 2.4% plus $0.30…

if you ran a transaction of $100 via either the basics would mean you pay 1.75% aggregate via bank and 2.7% through paypal.. Whether i see dual handling fees, i dont care all i know is that the strategy to have my own payment gateway (sourced however) is vital… and considering my sales average $700 per transaction my DirectBank fees are only $9.25 combined (still hurts though) and paypal are $17.1 combined i always try steer away from paypal..

We have only recently deployed a direct bank solution onto our web site and anticipate this move (we have removed paypal.. not sure if wise yet, although trying) will save us in excess of $8k in the first 12 months…

Also Click-Ology, i have read the posts on your thread and am actually struggling to understand why you want this information? are you in the process of deciding who to use, or how to use the service?

Look forward to hearing more input on this matter, how you intend on using the info and the likes… i tell you what, when we moved to a bank service it took some work and effort to have a bank work the way we wanted… both from a BANK issue and from the integration onto the web site…. Seems to run ok now though :)


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