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Click-ology, post: 147391 wrote:
Was just keen to see what people are using. Ive had some experience with Stgeorge who charge me a monthly $50 fee + my transaction fees.

i found paymate to be quite good as they process the card an put the funds directly to your bank and you dont need a merchant account.

We use CBA and its about $30 a month plus bits and pieces.. which overall is good for us.. considering if we only offered paypal this means our break even point would be about $1500.00-$1700.00 per month (2.4% paypal as opposed to our current rates)..

Just think i am a little weird in my thought processes though, as i dont find the fees an issue with the service being provided through a main tier bank… as well as the reputation that my clients see on our site rather than not having the direct merchant facility.. just my two cents…

We used to run on paypal only, and i felt like i needed to have an overdraft to cover the papal fees.. each time i received a payment i almost cried,,,, so when we finally agreed on a bank and facility (this is a mine field of its own) we severed ties with paypal as a gateway on our website and have not really noticed any drops in sales…

If you want to know more, i am happy to try and share my point.. i know its a vexing issue that many people dont like sharing (not sure why) although there are many options…


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