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Hi Jen,

We here of experiences like yours quite often.

Having managed many 100’s of adwords accounts, I will explain some of the cold hard facts of online marketing that many people overlook that are specifically relevant to your business.

Before I get into adwords specifics, try to work out the lifetime value of a client. This would account for repeat purchases and referrals. Once you have a grasp on this it will help provide perspective on what you could pay to win new business rather than aiming for profit on every transaction. Obviously that is the goal but as you will see below, I would rate this type of business as a difficult adwords account to make money from.

Wherever possible you need to target buying keywords.

1. Average website conversion rates are 1-2% with ecommerce sites on the lower end.

That means only 1 in 100 people will buy from you.
This includes people selling brands that people recognise or actually search for.

This means if you pay $1 per click it would likely cost you $100 per sale. If you only make $20 you will need to buy traffic under $0.20 to make a profit. I would suggest given you don’t sell known brands would need to be closer to $0.10. This is difficult to achieve these days.

2. Selling unknown brands

When there is no search for your brand, you need to do one of 2 things:

a) Compete by targeting competitors brands
b) or target more generic search terms

Given you are selling boutique type clothes – this probably makes up 10-15% of kids clothes market (guestimate), this makes it tough targeting generic search terms.

Problems with targeting segments above:
Segment a) – your product needs to be hands down better – if you want to leverage of another brand & there needs to be enough search to support your campaign
Segment b) your ad copy must be razor sharp.

Leveraging existing website traffic:

Best way to use adwords is via remarketing to existing traffic. This could be done to target users that have added products to shopping cart but not checked out. It could also be done for users that searched highest margin products. The hardest part is getting new traffic to your site, remarketing re-inforces brand awareness, is is very powerful.

Images sell:

If you have a google merchant account look at setting up PLA’s. This is often a low cost way to get people to see your products, which as you say sell themselves via Facebook.

Lastly quality of adwords management:

Anyone can setup an adwords account, but your business requires someone who understands the pointy end of adwords. Unless they do, you can quickly blow cash without results.

There is a helpful article called Adwords Management cheat sheet for small budget that should give you some tips.