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JohnW since you like to attack everyone on this forum with your superior knowledge on SEO and your 3 keyword forum links! I will reply to your criticism of my post.

Your link is mostly a garbage list of directories that are a waste of time, IMHO of 17 years of SEO experience. With rare exceptions the directories won’t generate many referrals. In SEO relevancy terms most would be so unimportant as to be not measurable.

Can you please justify it or are you simply spamming this forum?

How’s it spamming the forum when the topic asks for this content? I guess you forgot about the original topic of this thread because your obvious intent is to make yourself look like the authority of SEO here disguised as trying to help others. The forum is not a place for you to exhibit your condescending posts, that’s what I would call spamming the forum. Anyone with 3 keywords links in their forum signature like yours can’t be considered an authority.

“Helps your site get indexed!” Don’t you know that Google re-indexes Home page every week?

Yeh I said indexed! You said re-indexed? What’s your point? How do you get your sites indexed?

Oh and I just read your comment regarding SEOmoz

I will often disagree their SEO posts.

I’m not surprised JohnW because you are the Authority not SEOmoz, yet thousands of visitors go to their site including yourself for information, why don’t you build a site like that so we can get information from you instead?

Your posts are getting a bit tired!