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The Copy Chick
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Uncomplicating, post: 144940 wrote:
Perhaps the saddest thing is the perception that pre-prepared, processed food is cheaper than the alternative of actually making something using ingredients, when the reality is typically the opposite.

True! I also look into other people’s trolleys and wonder how much all those packets of pre-prepared meals will cost.

I also love your pizza story. OK, it might cost more to buy every single ingredient the first time (like a bag of flour, a tin of yeast, tomato puree, a bag of semolina..), but most of these ingredients will be used many more times, making the actual cost per portion far less expensive than a frozen or home delivered pizza.

And the flavours are SOOOOOO much better. I often make my own Thai curry pastes when I can get chilies cheap and one batch makes about 20 portions (which I freeze in small zip-lock bags). Amazing!!

I guess people pay for the “convenience” factor, but there are plenty of healthy meals you can make from scratch in 20-30 minutes (and plenty of items that can be made in bulk, divided up and frozen into meal-sized portions).

It’s sad that so many people have lost that connection with food.