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Mac Smerdon
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plgs, post: 145022 wrote:
Hi Mac,

Don’t forget to do a clearance search of the Australian trade marks register before you commit to a domain and name. Domains and business names are practical steps for securing “ownership” of a name, but trade mark registration confers real legal rights of exclusivity (including the right to prevent others from using a deceptively similar name in the same field). So it’s a good idea at the outset to check no-one else has registered a similar name as a trade mark, because that could cause you trouble later. (And conversely, if your chosen name is clear, it’s a good idea to register it as a trade mark, to ensure you have rights against later imitators).

You can search yourself at ipaustralia.gov.au, or get an IP lawyer or trade mark attorney to do an availability search for you. A professional search can help if there are a number of similar marks in your field and you’re unsure how “close” is “too close” to an existing registration.

Good luck,

Thanks for that! I didn’t even think about trademarks. Cheers