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Sheldon Hampton
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The great debate on HTML5 Vs Native apps still rumbles on through every corner of the internet.

Very valid points for both HTML5 and the Native stuff. I feel that the Native apps are cleaner and move smoothly for an end user but at the same time HTML5 apps can be updated in under 3 seconds and can be uploaded to all of the major app stores with no fuss at all.

Last year I purchased some cloud based software that will allow me to build a HTML5 app. Recently, I have made it free to use.

This means that anyone can just jump on and build their very own HTML5 app for free.

If you are looking at getting into apps why not try out HTML5 first. See what all of the fuss is about.

I cant wage in on the HTML5 Vs Native app war cause I am slightly bias being the owner of the Design Avidity Platform. But if you are interested in checking out what a HTML5 app is all about I would suggest to check out http://designavidity.com/