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Hi Aburto90,

You can try Joe at http://www.balciandassociates.com.au on 0411 126 600 for a free consultation. They are located in Glenroy, which isn’t that far from Wallan when you head down the Hume Hwy.

They do tax returns for rental properties and can advise on start up structures for new businesses.

Kind regards,


Aburto90, post: 145079 wrote:
I’m about to start working for myself (as a bookkeeper), so I am looking for an accountant/business advisor to help me decide what is the best way to approach business start up structure etc.
But I would want the same accountant to do everything.
My husband and I own a couple of houses with the potential to expand that amount in the future, so I need someone who is comfortable with residential rentals as well as business, to do our income tax stuff.
Any suggestions?
My hubby would prefer to be able to have face to face meetings as well – we don’t want much! :) I am out in Wallan, just north of Craigieburn and Melbourne.

I’ve looked in the directory but you can’t tell how good they are or if they’d be able to handle multiple areas of expertise.