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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hi Nigel,

I notice that Lucy (original poster) hasn’t been on the forums for a few weeks so she’s possibly still away. There’s no formal protocol so I wouldn’t hesitate to jump in here.

We find that people become more likely to commit after someone else suggests a time, date and venue, so work something out that suits yourself, and you can always change it down the line if needs be.

Another tip for a successful meetup is to choose a venue with easy parking, and to try to schedule it for during school hours (but away from drop-off and pick-up times) – early mornings and late afternoons don’t tend to be as easy for people, but we do have a couple of popular pub/bar nights that occur in the evenings.

If you get a date locked in we can also give your meet up a push on Facebook and Twitter and in our Friday newsletter to help boost the numbers.

Go for it :)