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Hmmm….only problem with this is that you are buying into the cheap strategy… and providing a cruddy site – if someone did this for me, I’d hesitate to bring them back in to fix it up when it didn’t perform….I’d be more likely to find another guy who can say “This and this and this will work for you” and pay what is necessary to get what I need – there will be plenty of these people out there once their cheap and nasty site doesn’t deliver :-)

NickMorris, post: 145514 wrote:
Here’s another strategy idea… don’t know if its ideal for you but just thought I’d throw it out there.

Undercut his $150 website with your own $99 website using the same techniques… WordPress + cheap or free theme + plugins = website. Make money in the back end from hosting.

Keep in touch with the customer through social media / email list etc. and be there for when they realise they need an upgrade.

Some other thoughts…

Do you really want the cheap customer? In my experience these types of clients are more trouble than they’re worth.