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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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The simple answer is to create websites that attract and convert leads. nothing to do with templates vs customs.

i’ve seen “boring” and “ugly” websites do better than glitzy professional websites.

Never lose sight what your prospect is after. The minute you do, you end up competing with el cheapos and getting frustrated.

If you are good at what you do, stop getting better and start learning how to traffic and conversion strategies or find another business because deep inside, you know it will get worse.

Don’t get burnt out like those retailers who could not differentiate themselves and consequently slaughtered by E-tailers.

Fact is, most people buy cheap only if there is no good meaningful (to them) reason to spend more. you can use the “buy aussie” guilt or “experience” but look at it another way.

Let’s say you are a great runner. How are you going to compete with a wet behind the ears, L plater who’s racing against you on a scooter? Doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you’re not going to win the race.

Once you learn how to convert traffic into money, you can approach business with templates and customs designs and offer them a redesign that guarantees a positive roi or their money back. This will make you almost invincible in an ocean of almost broke creatives who have to compete on price.

Be the Nike Air Jordan when others are cheap Best N Less shoes.

Learn to turn your adversity into opportunity.