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Breevree73, post: 147014 wrote:
As one of the glazed over, don’t-care-about-how-it-works-just-want-it-to-do-what-I-want set, I still want to know that I’m getting value for money, and a working, clean, scalable product. What I don’t want is to be talked to in jargonese by a techie.

Perhaps you need to simplify your message?

After all, what you provide is a customer service – and sales is all about finding solutions for customers – and customers who don’t understand what you are saying will find a provider who they can understand.

I agree that jargonese is boring, irrespective of the area of expertise … I don’t do it unless I’m talking to like minds.

Building websites is only a part of what I do, so my comment was perhaps a tad flippant but I am constantly surprised by the poor level of IT literacy in small business, and I think if I simplified my message any more I’d nod off delivering it.

I must be doing something right … new client’s keep coming, and I usually finish up doing a lot more for them than just getting a site up.

Communication is the key … it’s why I survive.