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JamieR, post: 0 wrote:
Question for you John.

On the old site, did each page have a description in the meta data?

Does the new site use a the standard “All in One SEO” plugin? Do the new pages have descriptions?

I find this case study strange as I redesign my own graphics site from scratch at least once a year. The content is usually the same but I do make a lot of changes to meta data.
Hi Jamie,
The old site had unique page titles and descriptions that had been carefully crafted.

The new site pages have unique titles. Some have been copied from the old site but others have been changed with little apparent thought. It seems most page descriptions are the same.

Please ignore the original reference to WP. The specific CMS has nothing to do with this post.

The issue being addressed is that the developer of the new site claimed SEO expertise.

Yes, titles are important but words in the description meta tag seem to have no more impact on ranking performance than the same words in a page’s body text.

They could have copied the titles and descriptions from the old site and it would still not perform as well.

IMHO, how a site is designed and structured is around 30% of its SE referral success. When someone wants SEO after a site has been designed and structured, you occasionally have to tell them to start again from scratch. No thought has been given to these issues on the new site, at all. This is where the major SEO limitations are evident on the new site.

JamieR, post: 0 wrote:
I’d say hold out for a month or two and I bet the results come back. I can already see infinity pools at #1 for this term… “Infinity pools Sydney”
The site under discussion is NOT infinitypools.com.au. “Infinity” refers to a pool design style, not the company name. Any pool designer can build you an “infinity” or “wet edge” pool. The domain under discussion used to rank #1 for the term and out-rank the near exact-match domain that is now #1.