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There’s so much going on, that I just don’t know where to look. A good website guides your eyes, leads you down certain paths. With this website it’s almost like at the planning stage you decided on cramming every conceivable feature into the home page and you’ve probably succeeded. But at what cost? In terms of design this is made worse because the design too is in ‘chaos’. Also it’s only when you scroll way down to the bottom of the page that you learn what it is the website is about, but that’s even if you know to read that text – as it’s just one piece of text among so many others. Finally your font Oswald, isn’t rendering properly in Chrome. I would set the line height in pixels. Your graffiti font is difficult to read too.

Sorry if this came across as ultra negative – it’s just my two cents.

You may also want to synch your Facebook like button to your Facebook page. What benefit is it to you that someone likes your home page? If they like your Facebook page you can continue to market to them later with new posts. Liking your home page, merely tells visitors that 21 other people have clicked like.

Cheers – Phil.