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davdee, post: 146520 wrote:
Hi Daz.
I am assuming the visitor spends the virtual $$$ on a coffee? So you would need an iphone/android app and a wifi at the coffee shop to debit the $$$ for a purchase?
Or barista has a pc, can lookup the persons name and debit $$$ from their account.
A few things to nut out if I am understanding you right. Also, most baristas have no time for doing payments unless it is instant (that is cash)
Am I on the right track?

Hi there

Thanks for the reply

Yeh thats about right.
Ideally people would show a memebership card or the like and then Barista, bar staff, gallery girl, just does a quick enter of member number and then the purchases.
members either get charged later or have an topped up credit acount.
I have found beat the Q which may be the way forward.
I suppose the idea of having something like Square, which is handy but not coming to australia as far as I can tell. it looks pretty good.