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Phill , post: 146385 wrote:

I like your site concept. With the sheer volume of ecommerce sites out there, adding another dimension to give them context is useful.

The design is good but there is a little too much ‘wasted’ space in the header and individual profile header. The name of the stores in the title also is a little confusing as you add “reviews” on to the end of each store name… maybe consider putting review somewhere else on the page.

Maybe as a separate concept for your website, put a page up of ecommerce sites which have recieved consistently low ratings or are known to be selling fakes? I remember a few years ago there were a couple of websites trying to name and shame cheap Australian based websites selling fake GHD hair straighteners.

Best of luck with it.

Hi Phill,

Thanks for the comments on the website. I work with Ramboo on eStoreReview.

I’m particularly interested in your comments on the wasted space on the header and individual profile header. Could you please provide an example of where you see the wasted space. On the home page, are you referring to the “Browse” and “Top Reviewers” as the headings?

We take all comments on board, and if possible we try to see if we can improve the website.

Really happy you posted! If you have other ideas for improvement, please do let us know!

Thanks again for the comments.