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For me personally: I look for a price. I consider myself a sensible consumer and understand that pricing can vary wildly from customer to customer but where there is not even an indication of price, I generally try to get an indication from somewhere else – often a competitor.

I worked for a firm in the past that did not reveal their pricing and this meant there were a lot of leads coming in, just from people looking for the price.

This could be perceived as useful because you have initiated contact with a potential customer, but equally you may waste 15 minutes of your time chatting to a lead that is NEVER going to be a customer. This is 15 minutes that could easily have been saved by showing the prices up front.

Ultimately I don’t have much more than my opinion on this topic so I have gone out and searched for some studies on the matter.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything particularly specific, but I did find a very interesting article on the psychology of pricing. Link to follow.

After reading that it is clear that showing your pricing is actually a very valuable marketing tool. I’m sure in many instances not showing your pricing is equally valuable, but you do have to make up that marketing presence somewhere else.

So the link. It took about 10 minutes to read so just be prepared — http://blog.kissmetrics.com/5-psychological-studies/