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JohnW, post: 147301 wrote:
Hi Darryl,
I know.

Could it be that our poster’s business is more like your legal business when it comes to displaying fees or not? :)

I would suggest not.

I am assuming, and I could be wrong, that a hypnotherapist would have sessions of set length and would be therefore relatively easy to display common prices, much like the town planning practice has some common services that you can display common prices.

Hui Lawyers website predates my joining the practice. I do not derive clients from that website, nor do I need to. If I did, I would have updated pricing of some of our common services on it.

I am currently having alternative websites developed for my specialist practice areas that do include prices and lots of them. I try to have fixed prices wherever possible and be upfront about them. Some things are almost impossible to price upfront with any accuracy, especially litigation.

I stand by my point of having prices is preferable to not in most circumstances, especially from me as a consumer. Except, in some specific circumstances, if there is no price I will move on to the next website