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PRO, post: 147304 wrote:
Some things are almost impossible to price upfront with any accuracy, especially litigation.

I stand by my point of having prices is preferable to not in most circumstances, especially from me as a consumer. Except, in some specific circumstances, if there is no price I will move on to the next website.
Hi Darryl,
I’m with Matthew on this – it’s a grey area.

Prospective customers need/won’t price indications.

The problem is that most business people then fall into the trap of presuming their service is a commodity, if not, they end up promoting it as one.

People MUST sell benefits and performance.

If not, how can there be markets for:

  • Tata Nano 4-door hatchback: $US2,497.
  • Bugatti Veyron Super Sports: $US2,400,000.

Aren’t they both simply transport from point A to B?

Performance/quality in service industries can be very diffifcult to quantify but business owners MUST do it!