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JohnW, post: 147311 wrote:
Hi Darryl,
I’m with Matthew on this – it’s a grey area.

Prospective customers need/won’t price indications.

The problem is that most business people then fall into the trap of presuming their service is a commodity, if not, they end up promoting it as one.

People MUST sell benefits and performance.

If not, how can there be markets for:

  • Tata Nano 4-door hatchback: $US2,497.
  • Bugatti Veyron Super Sports: $US2,400,000.

Aren’t they both simply transport from point A to B?

Performance/quality in service industries can be very diffifcult to quantify but business owners MUST do it!

Thanks for the discussion John, always appreciate hearing others opinions, especially someone like yours who can well and truly back their opinion up.