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The Copy Chick
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As a consumer, I prefer to have an idea of pricing before deciding whether or not to purchase.

You can also eliminate a lot of tyre-kickers by listing pricing. Those looking for the cheapest will always be looking and are unlikely to be loyal customers.

As others have mentioned, there will always be a market for those looking for the lowest price and those who are looking for high-end services and products. The trick is knowing who you want to target and HOW to appeal them.

If you can adequately tick all the boxes they have, price shouldn’t be a deterrent.

Zava Design, post: 146117 wrote:
Many potential clients for some services are put off by just seeing a price they immediately think is “a lot” for a particular service. But get that same person on the end of the telephone (or in some cases even an email conversation) where you’re able to answer some of their specific questions, and the price becomes a secondary consideration. Ask any sales person.

Which is why it’s crucial to adequately explain the benefits of your product/service to your potential consumer. If your site looks professional, is well-written, and you can explain why you charge more than your competitors, it’s likely people will be more than happy to pay extra for the perceived value you offer.

A dodgy looking site with poor copy and no discernible benefits over the competition will see potential consumers moving to the next site in a heart beat.