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The Copy Chick
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Zava Design, post: 147598 wrote:
You don’t need to show prices to do that.

No, you don’t need to, but it can be a very efficient way of doing so.

Zava Design, post: 147598 wrote:
And if you’re relying on showing prices to do that you have far bigger communication issues than worrying about budgets.

Agreed, although that wasn’t really my point. My point was that people shouldn’t fear listing prices in case it drives customers to a cheaper provider. There is plenty of room in the market for all pricing levels, but if you are going the higher end, you need to be able to justify it.

After not having pricing listed on my site for the last 2 years (largely due to being a service provider and each job requiring individual pricing, which makes on-the-spot pricing nigh on impossible), I’ve devised a way to give ball-park figures for my services, precisely because I don’t wan’t to be writing up quotes for people who don’t have the budget.

These will be listed on my new website and I anticipate I may experience less queries, but a higher conversion rate due to those contacting me knowing what they need to budget for before they get in touch.

But hey – at the end of the day, it comes down to what works best for the individual business. It may not be as viable for service-based business as it is for product-based businesses, but again, as a consumer, I certainly appreciate knowing prices up front whenever possible.