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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Update: Most valid so far.

Lead by price, die by price.

Zava Design, post: 147679 wrote:
It can also be a huge missed opportunity.

I’ve lost count of the number of projects I’ve worked on where the client had an initial quoted budget significantly below the final project budget. Chance are they wouldn’t have contacted me at all if they had read some arbitrary prices on my website where their first impression was “Oh, that’s more than I want to spend”. In many cases, the client doesn’t actually know what they need. They may think they do, but there’s a reason – or their should be – why they’re looking to engage a professional: So they can utilise their expertise.

There’s plenty of research to show that for many businesses/services there are far more benefits and opportunities that can arise from not listing prices.

And my point is that people shouldn’t fear NOT listing prices just because it might seem “easier” for a few reasons. Take the time to do the research, and work out ways to conduct tests for your business and your target audience to work out what will work better for you.